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Ponant Interview


PONANT is an international company with a nice fleet of 5 ships. For over 25 years, PONANT has provided multiple luxury cruises all over the world. Offering exclusive and different experiences of sea travel, Ponant is now equipped with ADRENA Navigation Software.

 What do you expect from AdrenaShip Navigation Software?
The reliability of calculations made by AdrenaShip software thanks to recorded or downloaded data (weather forecast) is an essential element so that our crew can rely on it.

How do you use it? On Shore? At sea?
Ponant uses AdrenaShip on shore, not only to launch routing simulations but also for future routes forecasts thanks to tide tables.


Which function of AdrenaShip do you use the most? Why?
We mainly use the ocean routing function in order to provide to our crew an optimized route for ships positioning from season to season.


As a luxury cruises company, what is your main objective in the use of this kind of navigation software?
As a luxury cruises company, Ponant must ensure a very high comfort to its passengers according to weather conditions while taking into account time constraints. Along with fuel consumption optimization, ensuring comfort to our passengers is one of the main reasons why we use the ocean routing function.


What is your priority: safety, comfort, ETA management and/or fuel consumption reduction?
According to our activity, our priority is to optimize comfort of our passengers as well as ETA management.

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