Voyage & Energy Optimization

Analysis of a vessel's navigational data and consumption

ETA, estimated time of arrival

The AdrenaShip routing software features a precise calculator of a vessel's ETA.

The principle

AdrenaShip calculates the vessel's ETA in real-time, based on constant speed and the effect of the current throughout the passage.

Controlling ETA is a key economic issue faced by the maritime transport industry in order to manage the operations of commercial vessels. A reliable ETA not only lets a route be planned more precisely, but also allows the planning, organisation and logistical management of stopovers.

How it works

GPS systems are able to provide ETA information that is calculated on a vessel's speed over ground and the distance to travel. They do not make any allowances for changes in current expected during the passage.

Integration of the current

AdrenaShip's smart ETA function works by integrating the effects of the current on a vessel's progress. In maritime zones with strong currents, such as the English Channel, this factor is critical for calculating a reliable ETA. Currents alternate between having a positive or negative effect on the speed of a vessel.

Passage segmentation

Alongside currents, the ETA tool also integrates marine traffic regulations. In fact, the passage segmentation feature allows a minimum and/or maximum speed to be defined for each leg of the trip. This data is also integrated in the ETA calculation.

Breaking the passage up into separate legs allows an ETA to be determined for intermediary waypoints along the route.


AdrenaShip also provides an RTD calculator, which determines the required time of departure. This software works backwards from a specified arrival time to calculate the necessary departure time, taking into account the effects of the current.


Keeping control with a reliable ETA brings numerous benefits, which have a major impact on the logistical operations of the vessel.

  • Managing schedules for stopovers not only facilitates communication with port authorities but also improves control over logistical operations, such as the loading and unloading of cargo. A dock slot that is postponed in advance based on real-time ETA results in significant, tangible savings for vessel operators.
  • Reactive and flexible organisation of vessel operations. The AdrenaShip software is intended to be installed on board, allowing the navigators to manage the organisation of the next stopover autonomously, resulting in operating cost savings for the company.
  • Schedule optimisation for a regular route is achieved by managing the effect of tidal currents throughout the passage. The software allows the schedule for a regular route to be planned in advance, while controlling both the speed and fuel consumption of the vessel.
  • Control of fuel consumption over the length of the passage: with the help of the ETA, a captain will know that he will not be on time for his slot at the next stopover as soon as he sets sail, even if he sails at maximum speed . He can therefore decide whether to postpone the slot and reduce speed, consuming less fuel.

The AdrenaShip ETA solution is a flexible, user-friendly and extremely efficient tool for controlling vessel schedules, which results in the optimisation of operating costs and fuel consumption.